Excitation Wavelength:
488 nm (CW Laser)

Emission Range:
505 - 565 nm (band pass filter)

Lower Detection Limit:
80 pM for a single fluorescein (clearly visible migration boundary). The lower detection limit depends on fluorophore’s intrinsic quantum yield (Q), quenching, the number of fluorophores per molecule, and other intangibles.

Usable Range:
Four Decades above the lower detection limit for fluorescein. Upper limit determined by inner filter effect. Dyes with a lower quantum yield, or additional absorbance from other sources, will diminish the range.

Signal is linear to within 1% over Useable Range.

Radial Resolution:
50 μm (limited by spot size)
Data can be acquired at 2 μm intervals

Scan Time:
~90 seconds typical (20 μm step size, averaging 5 intensities at each step at 30,000 rpm and above). All cells are scanned simultaneously. The scan time is rotor speed dependent.

Rotors, Cells and Centerpieces:
The fluorescence operating system can be used with Beckman four- or eight-hole rotors, cells, and centerpieces, including short column centerpieces.  Center pieces made by third parties also supported.

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