Aviv Biomedical was founded in 1971 by Jack Aviv, Lakewood NJ USA, initially to service Cary spectrophotometers, circular dichroism spectrophotometers and ORD Polarimeters.

In 1975, under license from Bell Telephone Research, the company introduced a front surface fluorescence instrument to detect iron deficiency and lead poisoning in the blood, known as a Hematofluorometer. Over 2,700 instruments are in use worldwide.

In 1981, Aviv began developing their own circular dichroism spectrometer and spectrophotometer based on the same principals as Mr. Howard Cary's philosophy.

Our capabilities include: electronic, mechanical and software design, with a complete and modern machine shop, including four CNC machines.

Aviv services academia and pharmaceutical companies, from the largest to the smallest biotech companies, as well as U.S. and foreign government agencies.

Aviv has been known, worldwide, to design one-of-a-kind specialized instruments for our loyal scientific investigators.