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Thermoelectric Cuvette Holder Thermoelectric Sample Changer Total Fluorescence Accessory Fluorescence Emission Scanning Monochromator

All Thermoelectric Cuvette Holders include:
• Software interface temperature control.
• Software controlled stirring.
• Nitrogen purge.
• Resolution of 0.01 degrees C.
• Mounted on its own door support system for easy insertion and removal.

All thermoelectric cuvette holders include computer controlled stirring and nitrogen purge.

Maximum Optical Path Length
Single Position
10 mm
-10 to +110 degree C
Total Fluorescence
10 mm
-10 to +110 degree C
Five Position
10 mm
-5 to +105 degree C
Cylindrical Cuvettes
1 mm
-5 to +105 degree C

Thermoelectric Cuvette Holder:
Holds a single 0.01 to 10 mm cuvette.

Thermoelectric Sample Changer:
Rotary holder with up to five cuvettes, 0.01 to 10 mm path length.

Total Fluorescence Accessory (with Thermoelectric Cuvette Holder):
Collect total fluorescence signal and CD signal simultaneously. Software controlled. Includes single position thermoelectric temperature controlled cuvette holder described above. Right angle access port has light collecting mirror, emission cutoff glass filter and 1 inch photomultiplier with power supply to collect total fluorescence. Cutoff filter easily changed. CD gives information about overall conformation while fluorescence gives information about local environment of fluorophores such as tryptophan.

Fluorescence Detected Circular Dichroism (FDCD):
Measures the difference in fluorescent intensities when exciting with left and right circularly polarized light. Includes total fluorescence measurement capability.

Fluorescence Emission Scanning Monochromator:
Collect fluorescence emission spectra with CD.
Includes single position thermoelectric temperature controlled cuvette holder described above. Right angle access port has light collecting mirror, holographic concave grating and 1 inch photomultiplier.
Emission wavelength range: 200 – 800 nm.
User selectable entrance and exit slits to control spectral bandwidth and intensity.
Allows simultaneous collection of CD and fluorescence.

Short Path Length Cylindrical Cell Holder:
Resolution 0.01 degrees C. Accuracy 0.1 degrees C.
Stability 0.03 degrees C.
Accessory is mounted on its own door support system for easy insertion and removal.

Other Accessories:

Linear Dichroism Accessory:
Measures the difference in intensities between vertically and horizontally polarized light.
Suitable for oriented samples.
Wavelength range 175 - 850 nm.
Recommend the V-Block sample holder for solid samples.

Automated Syringe Pump System:
For titrations. Includes two 500 µl syringes, 10 mm cell, special titration adapter and stir bar. Highly repeatable programmable syringes for automated ligand titrations and solute induced denaturation experiments. Can be used with single position thermoelectric cuvette holder or total fluorescence accessory. Accommodates the large volume exchanges.

Syringes for pump:
50 µl, 100 µl, 250 µl, 500 µl, 1 ml and 2.5 ml capacity available.

pH Measurement System:
Includes pH meter and micro-probe electrode. Modified cuvette cap and electrode mount for 10 mm cell. Cables are included for complete system integration. pH range: 0 to 14 pH. Requires Automated Syringe Pump System.

Nitrogen Purification System:
Consists of rechargeable gas scrubber and one gas detection and filter assemblies.
(Replacement cartridges available).

Replacement Gas Filter Cartridges:
For nitrogen purification system.

Nitrogen Dewar:
230 liter capacity.

Nitrogen Regulator:
Oil free, 2 stage, nitrogen purge gas pressure regulator and adjustable flow meter. Fits standard gas cylinders and nitrogen dewars.

Holmium Oxide Solution:
For wavelength calibration. NIST Certified.

Spare Xenon Lamp: XBO 150W/4 Suprasil, for 165-1200 nm.

300 Watts using peltier modules
Removes waste from thermoelectric cell holders
Regulated 25 PSI, high flow
Small footprint and low noise

Photomultiplier For Extended Wavelength Range:
Range 400 nm – 1200 nm. Includes complete housing and preamplifier

Rectangular Microcell with stoppers:
10 mm path length, 400 µl volume
5 mm path length, 200 µl volume
2 mm path length, 80 µl volume
1 mm path length, 40 µl volume
Spacer for microcell.

Rectangular Cells, Demountable:
0.5 mm path length
0.2 mm path length
0.1 mm path length
0.01 mm path length

Rectangular Cells:
For reduced temperature induced birefringence; includes stoppers.
10 mm path length
5 mm path length
2 mm path length
1 mm path length

Cell Spacers:
For use in Thermoelectric Sample Holder.
1 mm cell spacer
2 mm cell spacer
5 mm cell spacer

For Fluorescence Measurements:
10 x 10 mm, 45 mm high (One included with automated syringe pump).
5 x 5 mm, 21 mm high (Requires spacer. Cannot accommodate stir bar).
3 x 3 mm, 33 mm high (Requires spacer. Cannot accommodate stir bar).
Spacer for 3 x 3 mm path length cuvette.
Spacer for 5 x 5 mm path length cuvette.

Other Cells Available:
A wide variety of specialty and custom cells and adapters are available.  Tell us what you need.

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.