Records Theta (ellipticity) in millidegrees as a function of wavelength and time.

Includes Windows™ 7 Based Data System.

Major Features:

1. Stepping motor wavelength drive with a 0.01 nm resolution.
2. User selected constant spectral bandwidth.
3. Red enhanced photomultiplier, S20 response range 190 to 870 nm
4. IR detector – InGaAs (user selected)
5. Provision for nitrogen purging.
6. USB communications
7. Modular design


The Model 42 MCD Spectrometer is a custom-built system utilizing a super-conducter magnet. The optics are based on a prism-grating design, which gives exellent spectral resolution, low stray light and high repeatability over the entire wavelength range. The detector housing is detached from the spectrometer and can be placed at what ever distance necessary. A photomultiplier tube works in the ultraviolet and visible ranges, while chilled detector operates in the infrared.   

The magnet is provided by the user. Any magnet with a sufficient window size (10 mm or larger) is suitable. The powerful magnet will affect the spectrometer’s operation, hence the need to place the optics at a distance from the magnet. The separation distance depends on the magnet size. The user can select the IR detector and optics to determine the extent of the infrared range. 

The spectrometer software (included) controls all aspects of the spectrometer. The software allows excution of commands received via a serial port. This feature allows the user to write a master program to integrate control of the spectrometer, magnet and other features. For example, spectra could could be taken at multiple magnet fields.

Model 42 Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectrometer at the Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany.