Light Source:
Visible range-250 Watt quartz halogen.
Ultraviolet range - 75 Watt air cooled Xenon.

Wavelength Range:
185 nm - 870 nm (2500 nm optional).

Wavelength Accuracy:

± 0.4 nm over entire range (typically 0.2 nm).

Wavelength Repeatability:

Better than 0.05 nm (0.02 typical).

Wavelength Drive:

Stepper motor. Smallest step size is 0.01 nm.

Wavelength Scan Speed:

Maximum data collection speed 300 nm/min.

Wavelength Slew Rate:

3600 nm/min.

Wavelength Resolution:
0.1 nm in most of UV-VIS range.

Selectable Bandwidth:

0.01 nm to 12 nm.

Photometric Display:
Numeric and graphical display on screen.

Photometric Digital Display Range:

Any range to 6.0 Absorbance or 0-200% transmission. Selectable and autoscaling.
Photometric Linearity:

0.0007 AU at 1.5 AU; 0.0001 AU at 0.1 AU.

Photometric Accuracy:

Using NIST 930D filters +/- 0.001 at 0.5 AU +/- 0.003 at 1.5 AU

Long Term Drift:
UV-VIS: 0.0005 AU/Hr. 0.0001 typical. (10 hours at 500 nm at 25 degrees C.)

Baseline Stability:

(long term): 0.0005 AU/Hr. 0.0001 typical. (10 hours at 500 nm at 25 degrees C.)

Auto subtract, 0.001 AU flatness at 200 to 870 nm.

Signal Averaging:

Keeps all repeat scans or just the average.


Smooth by least squares polynomial fit.

Aviv Software:

Windows XP based system (menu driven). Includes all common math operations on data sets.

In addition, we offer the following features:

• Data is saved in ASCII format for easy import into other analytical and graphics programs.
• Kinetics Mode: Records from 10 points per second to one point per 999 seconds.
• Temperature Program: Software control of thermoelectric device to maintain constant sample temperature.
• Generate rising or falling temperature steps, or ramps.
• Macro languages allows automation of instrument operation, and customized experiments.


Absorbance or Percent Transmission versus:
      Temperature (optional)
      Concentration (optional)
      pH (optional)

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.