The Model 14 Spectrophotometer is based on the highest quality optics available to give the best commercially available performance. It is based on the original Cary® principles and an original Cary double monochromator casting, containing a fused silica prism in series with a 600 line/mm echelette grating each with its own collimating mirrors and slit systems. These optics result in an instrument that is capable of a:

• Dynamic range of better than 4 absorbance units over the UV and visible ranges

• Wavelength resolution (not just mechanical resolution) of 0.01 nm

• Linearity of better than 0.0007 absorbance units

• Drift of better than 0.0005 absorbance units / hour

A number of options are available: extended wavelength range into the near infrared (2500 nm); temperature control; automated titration; automated pH titration; automated titration; automated pH; a host of cuvettes and more. These features result in an instrument that far exceeds the capabilities of a typical bench-top spectrophotometer.