Instrument Support

Aviv Biomedical is committed to providing the best service possible. We have and will maintain your instrument for many years to come. In a few cases third party suppliers of essential components have discontinued their products, making it impossible for Aviv to fully support older instruments. Therefore it is necessary to define the level of support available for your particular instrument.


  • Model 205: Obsolete
  • Model 206: No support.  Trade-in option
  • Model 206D: Full support on instruments less than 15 years old.


  • Windows DOS: At risk because there is no replacement for the computers. Please consider a trade-in for these instruments. Upgrades are no longer possible.
  • Windows 2000: Can not use the latest versions of software.  Contract Aviv for details.
  • Windows NT: Can not use the latest versions of software.  Contract Aviv for details.
  • Windows XP: Full support
  • Windows 7: Current release, full support

Circular Dichroism Spectrometers

  • Aviv Models 60 & 61: Limited support. Trade-in value.
  • Aviv Model 62: Can not replace DOS computer. Otherwise full support. Recommend trade-in.
  • Aviv Model 202-01: (upgrade version): Full support. Can not accept stopped-flow accessory
  • Aviv Model 202: Full support.
  • Aviv Model 215: Full support.
  • Aviv Model 400: Full support.
  • Aviv Model 410: Full support.
  • Aviv Model 420: Full support.

UV-Vis-IR Spectrophotometers:

  • Models 17 & 118: Full support. Trade-in value.
  • Model 14: These can be traded-in for modern instruments. The Deuterium lamp has be discontinued by the  manufacturer. A 75 Watt Xenon lamp upgrade package is available.


  • ATF-105: Full support.
  • Other models: Contact Aviv Biomedical for details.

Analytical Ultracentrifuge Fluorescence Detection System:

  • Full Support

Magnetic Circular Dichroism:

  • Model 40: Limited support
  • Model 41: Limited support
  • Model 42: Full support